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Holly Schleich

I have always loved the idea of meditation but didn't allow time in my day for it.  Like many mumas, my family, work and other commitments usually took priority over my health. My lovely friend Tiffany taught me how to practice mindfulness daily. I've found this daily ritual has had positive effects on my mental, physical and emotional state especially when dealing with the stress of cancer. Meditation is one of the many things I've been doing daily to benefit my health and cope. IF you can set aside 20 minutes daily for yourself to mediate, Im telling you it's a game changer.

Kerry Healy

Why do you meditate?

To centre myself, focus myself and calm myself ( on occasion) equally to energise myself at times especially a mid afternoon meditation!  In times of high stress or anxiety to quieten the mind :)

How do you feel after meditating?

Calm, focused and more alert and more mindful ! 


How does meditating benefit your everyday?

Creates much needed me time to ensure I stay focused on how I want to live my life and helps me stay focused. 

Top tip for anyone thinking about meditating 
Start ! Stop thinking and start doing .. start small and add the minutes 

Nicky Ford

I am so grateful for being able to learn to meditate. Tiffany is so calm and approachable. She is normal and not a hippy! The style she teaches is relatable to my life and easy to do. Thank you for sharing your knowledge, of which you have a lot of. 



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