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ShelleyCraft vedic meditation student

Some days are easy to find quiet time, some days are virtually impossible BUT if you can't find 20 mintues for yourself in 15 waking hours.. you need to rethink how you are spending your time.

Shelley Craft, TV personality, mother, Podcast - the ageing project and YMTI


I have always loved the idea of meditation but didn't allow time in my day for it.  Like many mumas, my family, work and other commitments usually took priority over my health. My lovely friend Tiffany taught me how to practice mindfulness daily. I've found this daily ritual has had positive effects on my mental, physical and emotional state especially when dealing with the stress of cancer. Meditation is one of the many things I've been doing daily to benefit my health and cope. IF you can set aside 20 minutes daily for yourself to mediate, Im telling you it's a game changer.


business owner, mother of 2,

 Kicker of breast cancer!


Why do you meditate?

To centre myself, focus myself and calm myself, equally to energise myself at times especially a mid afternoon meditation!  In times of high stress or anxiety to quieten the mind :)

How do you feel after meditating?

Calm, focused and more alert and more mindful ! 


How does meditating benefit your everyday?

Creates much needed me time to ensure I stay focused on how I want to live my life.

Top tip for anyone thinking about meditating 
Start ! Stop thinking and start doing .. start small and add the minutes 

Kerry Healy

Commercial Director of Accor Hotels,

mother, friend, daughter


I am so grateful for being able to learn to meditate. Tiffany is so calm and approachable. She is normal and not a hippy! The style she teaches is relatable to my life and easy to do. Thank you for sharing your knowledge, of which you have a lot of. 

Nicky Ford

wears many hats ever day


18 months later and I am still meditating very morning for 20minutes and loving it.  For the life of me I can't get the arvo one in!  I feel so much better and so much more clarity and confidence with decision making and just generally happier.  I can't believe it works so well. If I did the afternoon one I'd be a total weapon!!

Tara Torkkola 

Real Estate agent extrordinare,

wife and mother to two very little people



I am way less tired and WAY more productive.  thank you for showing me how

Sarah Newman

business owner,

single mother of two


I have really relied on Vedic meditation over the last few days when I thought there was not enough time in the day to get all these things I needed to do-  work, physio appointments, logistics for the boys, packing, meal prep, washing... the list goes on! by stopping only even for 14 mins and meditating it seemed to lengthen time and my day from then on took a more mindful calm pathway.​


self employed, wife, daughter, sister, friend and mother of three boys



Undertaking the four-day course with Tiffany has resulted in a set of deeply profound changes to the way I approach life. Moreover, although Tiffany has empowered me with the meditative tools that significantly impact my levels of clarity and creativity, I’ve also obtained substantive health benefits. As the techniques taught involve the deployment of a regular timetable for internal physiological relaxation this has mitigated my stress levels and problematic acid reflux issues to a more manageable degree. Tiffany’s passionate yet light handed approach is accompanied by her outstanding efforts to maintain my motivation through continual post-course coaching. I highly recommend Tiffany’s course to anyone seeking to achieve advances in lifestyle, creativity and general wellbeing.        
Dr.Chris Paterson -

Director, husband and father


As a recent graduate of Tiffany Jackson’s Meditation course I can whole heartedly recommend her. Her insightful and gentle approach to sharing her knowledge and experience with meditation enabled me to adopt the practice into my daily routine. As a result I’m reaping the benefits and am thankful to her for sharing this special gift. 


single mother, employer, friend


Sometimes you do not know what is missing in your life, until you try something new. Tiffany teaches vedic meditation with knowledge, care, insight and intuition. Immediately, I felt my body, mind and heart wind down, and this sense of calmness continued into every aspect of my life - at home, at work and at play. I practice anywhere and everywhere and as the weeks continue, it has become as much part of my daily life as brushing my teeth. I love that Tiffany opens up her home for group meditation and it is fabulous to see that all of her students are seeing the health benefits as much as I am.  It is amazing

entrepreneur, employee, friend, daughter and mother of four


tiffany jackson in the media
tiffany jackson in the media
tiffany jackson in the media
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