want to learn how to be the best version of yourself?

Hi, I’m Tiffany

I work to transform individuals through meditation and mindfulness techniques.

I am a mother, daughter, sister, friend and leader in transforming individuals to be the best versions of themselves. I am living calmly with clarity in an ever changing dynamic world. My intention is to help individuals be the best version of themselves.  


learn to meditate

Learning to meditate is the number 1 most valuable tool in elevating and the transformation of your life.  It is the first tool I teach.  You have to get the inside right before the outside falls into place.



Are you living your life to the fullest potential?  Are you consciously creating what you truely desire? Are you the best version of yourself? Tiffany offers one on one coaching working with individuals to unleash your true potential.  Are you ready to step up and awaken the leader within you?

reduce stress, tension and fatigue

the benefits of meditation 

meditation is the process of reducing stress, tension and fatigue from our nervous systems.  It is about removing the layers so we can operate at our optimum.  So we can deal with the chaos of life in a calm thought out way.


Meditation retreats are rejuvenating experiences.  Designed to give you a deeper more profound outlook by upgrading your mind and body.

During the retreat you will dive deep into your practice and recharge by using the ancient Vedic practice of 'rounding', combining gentle yoga postures with breath work, meditating and deep rest.

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inside my daily life


It is amazing


Sometimes you do not know what is missing in your life, until you try something new. Tiffany teaches vedic meditation with knowledge, care, insight and intuition.

what others say

deeply profound changes


Undertaking the four-day course with Tiffany has resulted in a set of deeply profound changes to the way I approach life. ......Tiffany’s passionate yet light handed approach is accompanied by her outstanding efforts to maintain my motivation through continual post-course coaching. I highly recommend Tiffany’s course to anyone seeking to achieve advances in lifestyle, creativity and general wellbeing.        

staying on track

Im not the best at putting the time aside that I need to, thank you Tiff for the constant encouragement and for keeping me on track