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meditation gives you an inner calmness, it cuts back your stress chemistry (like cortisol and adrenaline) and replaces it with natural bliss chemistry (like dopamine and serotonin).

meditation makes you happier and more joyful.

meditation awakens your conscious state and develops full brain functioning. It gives you clarity to see things reasonably without distortion and helps you make good decisions.  one of the main reasons for this is it regulates your sleep.  sleep is one of the key fundamentals of life

meditation activates the Neocortex within the brain. it is here our creative thinking is at its most heightened.

meditation allows you to 'tap' into the grey matter the under utilised area of the brain.

vedic meditation

Is a meditation for modern people.  It is integrated into your life so it works for you.  It comes from the transcendental and vedic lineage

and is one of the most effective and effortless forms of meditation because you are taught to meditate anytime, anywhere.

I'm not teaching you to think happy thoughts or not have thoughts, thoughts are normal.

We teach the mind to settle and as it spontaneously settles the body releases stresses from the nervous system.

A meditation that supports your lifestyle and enhances your activity 

about me

i am a mother, daughter, wife, friend.  I am living calmly with clarity in a dynamic world surrounded by chaos.

transform yourself today

when practiced daily meditation has many benefits

(these include but are not limited to)









self esteem


increase productivity 


the brain

better relationships 




meditation systematically reduces stress from your nervous system and when

stress is released all other benefits flow directly from that

Undertaking the four-day course with Tiffany has resulted in a set of deeply profound changes to the way I approach life. Moreover, although Tiffany has empowered me with the meditative tools that significantly impact my levels of clarity and creativity, I’ve also obtained substantive health benefits. As the techniques taught involve the deployment of a regular timetable for internal physiological relaxation this has mitigated my stress levels and problematic acid reflux issues to a more manageable degree. Tiffany’s passionate yet light handed approach is accompanied by her outstanding efforts to maintain my motivation through continual post-course coaching. I highly recommend Tiffany’s course to anyone seeking to achieve advances in lifestyle, creativity and general wellbeing. 


Dr.Chris Paterson

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