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Is your mind over active thinking about the events around you? 

Are you constantly doing, always racing from appointments to work to home?

Are you struggling to find some calmness within?  

Are you feeling depleted emotionally, energetically, creatively?

Do you find your not sleeping well?

Learning to meditate with Tiffany might just be your answer.


No one cares if you are a great meditator but everyone cares if you are good at life.


Learning to meditate is one of the most valuable tools in elevating and transforming your life.  It is the first tool I teach.  You have to get the inside right before the outside falls into place.



I am a mother, daughter, sister, friend and sharer of knowledge. I love working with individuals wanting more calmness, clarity, creativity and joy in their busy lives.  To build their mental wellness and ability to cope with this ever changing dynamic world.

My intention is to help individuals be the best version of themselves.  

I have been studying and practicing various styles of meditation for almost 25 years.  

I love it. It makes me calmer more present and engaged, less distracted. I live a full and dynamic life with my husband three active children and a crazy little dog. 

Having worked in the corporate world for 15 years I know first hand how invaluable your own well being is. Unfortunately this is over looked as we get caught up in day to day life. Meditation is a must needed tool for modern daily life, for you, your happiness, well being and your relationships.

I work to transform individuals through meditation and mindfulness techniques.

Tiffany teachers people from ages 8 - 78. Professionals, authors, business owners, mums juggling everything, personalities, artists basically anyone that wants a higher grade of living and to deal with the chaotic world of life but in a calm and efficient way.  


She specialises in integrating meditation into your daily life teaching individuals to have their own practice so they can meditate anytime anywhere for maximum results.

Tiffany Jackson

Tiffany Jackson

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