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Retreats are rejuvenating experiences.  Designed to give you a deeper more profound outlook by upgrading your mind and body.

During a retreat you will dive deep into your practice give yourself space to unlock stresses, blockages and stagnation in your nervous system and recharge by using the ancient Vedic practice of 'rounding', combining gentle yoga postures with breath work, meditating and deep rest.

Retreats allow yourself to rest and rejuvenate your minds and bodies from the every day stress of life.  They allow us to upgrade our lives and conscious states giving us the ability to achieve real stillness and just be. 

The retreats that Tiffany runs are a systematic process derived from the ancient ‘Vedic’ Practice known as 'rounding'.  This is designed to purify the mind and body at the deepest level.  It is an advance technique to your Vedic Meditation and unlocks the deep stresses and tension from within the body allowing for a deeper richer meditation.

It takes your meditation practice to the next level. 

A weekend of rounding removes the same stresses of 3-6 months of meditating.


The rounding process consists of a specific sequence of easy yoga poses (asanas), balancing breath work (pranayama) and meditation. Once learnt it can be practiced at home on a daily basis incorporating it into your general health and wellbeing.  

Achieve effortless purification of the mind and body through Rounding and bring yourself more quickly to a greater state of happiness, for a 

calmer, clearer more energetic you

the brooklet retreat venue
tiffany jackson meditation teacher
tiffany jackson group meditation at soma
image of tiffany jackson meditating in India



IN-RESIDENCE - 26th - 30th May

Please join me for a four night luxury retreat in the hinterland of Byron Bay. The program is designed to completely rejuvenate your mind-body connection and clean out any stresses allowing you to access greater depths of calmness, clarity and creativity.  The Brooklet offers a purpose built luxury retreat venue, where you will be nurtured in a magical surrounding. Our days will be filled with meditation, yoga, breath work, body work, free time, hot and cold therapy and nourishing plant based meals. There will be hikes, sound therapy and lots of treats, I’m stepping it up and this retreat is going to be next level rejuvenating, de-stressing, relaxing and transformative. 

2023 In-residence retreat  26th - 30th May



  • 4 nights in luxury accommodation (various options)

  • Daily rounding & meditation

  • 3 x body work treatments

  • All plant based meals 

  • Relax & swim in the magnesium pool

  • Hot and cold therapy

  • Evening activities  




  • King bedding private sitting & bathroom $3650

  • King bedding shared sitting & private bath $3400

  • Twin bedding shared sitting & shared bath  $2750 




To coincide with the change of seasons and prepare yourself mentally & energetically for the new month ahead, come and join me on this one day retreat and unlock the stress, tension accumulated on your nervous system.


Nurture yourself as I guide you through a ‘rounding’ workshop and restorative yoga sequence designed to work in sync with your meridians and the seasons! It will be fun, profound and refreshingly easy.


Achieve effortless purification of the mind and body through Rounding and bring yourself more quickly to a greater state of happiness, for a calmer, clearer more focussed you!!


Guided instruction, facilitated rounding, yoga class and light lunch



Winter: Friday June 2nd

Spring: Friday September 8th

Summer: Friday December 1st


TIME:    9.15am - 2.30 pm 

COST:   $175

VENUE: Byron Bay 


Limited Spaces

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