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deeply profound changes


Undertaking the four-day course with Tiffany has resulted in a set of deeply profound changes to the way I approach life. Moreover, although Tiffany has empowered me with the meditative tools that significantly impact my levels of clarity and creativity, I’ve also obtained substantive health benefits. As the techniques taught involve the deployment of a regular timetable for internal physiological relaxation this has mitigated my stress levels and problematic acid reflux issues to a more manageable degree. Tiffany’s passionate yet light handed approach is accompanied by her outstanding efforts to maintain my motivation through continual post-course coaching. I highly recommend Tiffany’s course to anyone seeking to achieve advances in lifestyle, creativity and general wellbeing.        


Dr.Chris Paterson - Director, husband and father

much more clarity and calmness


18 months later and I am still meditating very morning for 20minutes and loving it.  For the life of me I can't get the arvo one in!  I feel so much better and so much more clarity and confidence with decision making and just generally happier.  I can't beleive it works so well. If I did the afternoon one I'd be a total weapon!!

Tara Torkkola - Real Estate agent extrordinare, wife and mother to two very little people

It is amazing


Sometimes you do not know what is missing in your life, until you try something new. Tiffany teaches vedic meditation with knowledge, care, insight and intuition. Immediately, I felt my body, mind and heart wind down, and this sense of calmness continued into every aspect of my life - at home, at work and at play. I practice anywhere and everywhere and as the weeks continue, it has become as much part of my daily life as brushing my teeth. I love that Tiffany opens up her home for group meditation and it is fabulous to see that all of her students are seeing the health benefits as much as I am.  It is amazing

Megan - entrepreneur, employee, friend, daughter and mother of four

More mindful calm path


I have really relied on Vedic meditation over the last few days when I thought there was not enough time in the day to get all these things I needed to do-  work, physio appointments, logistics for the boys, packing, meal prep, washing... the list goes on! by stopping only even for 14 mins and meditating it seemed to lengthen time and my day from then on took a more mindful calm pathway.

Mother - self employed, wife, daughter, sister, friend and mother of three

Less tired, more productive 


I am way less tired and WAY more productive.  thank you for showing me how


Staying on track

Im not the best at putting the time aside that I need to, thank you Tiff for the constant encouragement and for keeping me on track