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why meditate

The answer is very simple. 

If you understand that the universal truth that the quality of our minds determines the quality of our lives.

In todays fast paced ever changing society we are caught up in constant activity and struggling to be the best versions of ourselves. We are hyper scheduling our own lives and our children’s lives.  We are racing from appointment to appointment, from school to work to activities to the shops.  We are managing households, looking after our families, trying to hold jobs - to do them well.  We are trying to be good mothers great wives/ partners,  a friend that is always there.  We are trying to do it all and have it all.  Great, why not.  Is this sustainable, for most of us, no.  How can we take control, how can we maintain the life we are living or better still how can we enjoy the life we are living.  Enjoy the chaos we call life but in a controlled, calm and present way.  How can we not over react to situations, how can we respond to conflict in a calm thought out way.  How can we not get over whelmed at the thought of an afternoon in the car taxing children to their activities or the deadline we face at work.  How can we stay creative and inventive when our minds are racing. How can we control our minds instead of our minds controlling us?

We need to work out how to deal with it.  We need to work out how to stay dynamic in this ever changing exciting modern world.

Why is meditation so necessary? On a daily basis our nervous system has to contend with an unrelenting list of tasks - emails, alarms, traffic lights, traffic in general, paying bills, children screaming, phones ringing, racing from here to there.  This stress tension and fatigue builds up in our nervous system and this effects our minds, our health and everything we do.  Meditation relaxes the mind and therefore the body and releases unwanted stresses that effect our nervous system and hence our well being.  


Meditation is designed to systematically reduce stress and allow the body to work at its optimum level more regularly15 - 20 minutes of meditation is like 3-4 hours of deep rest.  


The benefits of a meditation practice are no secret. And it’s not just anecdotal. Thousands of studies have shown the positive impact that meditating has on our health and well-being.  Whether it is better sleep, no stress eating, beating anxiety, improving a relationship or just for more happiness meditation can help.

If you would like help managing any of the below, meditation can help.

  • depression

  • anxiety and phobias

  • relationship difficulties

  • life transitions

  • difficulties with self-esteem

  • eating issues

  • obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD)

  • professional/career issues

  • medical and health concerns

  • pain management 

  • stress management

  • more creativity

make a change today please get in contact with Tiffany to find our about her free introductory talks on meditation.

the EOC institute have great scientific research illustrating the benefits