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Keep Meditating

I have been thinking a lot, how can you not. (yes even the meditation teacher can over think).

How is everyone coping in the current situation?  There is a lot of hysteria out there.  And let's be honest hysteria breeds hysteria.   It is in times like this that anxiety just flares, there really is an unknown about the future and our thoughts are exasperated.  It is now more than ever we need to quieten our minds and concentrate on the here and now.  We need to try and remain as calm as possible and not allow our ‘fear’ factor to come into play.  I know it is hard when we see the lines at centrelink are around the corner, and people are queuing up to get into Aldi and the body truck pulling our of Italy.  All are very sad and only examples of why people might be thinking the worse.  

Meditation is obviously a major factor in helping with these things. There are also lots of little things we can do to calm our selves and be rational and healthy.  It is no longer self care it is as essential as washing your hands.

  • Taking time out to have a cup of tea also puts you into a state of rest.

  • Putting your hand on your forehead with your eyes closed is proven as a neurological stress release technique

  • Rubbing oil, especially sesame oil into your feet can help ground you

  • Making sure you aren’t hunched over watching TV or sitting at a computer by taking time to lie down on your back, preferable with a bolster or towels rolled up and open your heart.  Being compassionate and kind in these times is very important.

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