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enhance your event and enhance the individual 

mindfulness and meditation what are they and how can my staff benefit

Brisbane based, with clients in Sydney and Byron Bay, Tiffany is a great inclusion in your next Corporate event.  Promoting wellness & mindfulness to your staff has profound positive effects on your next event. 


In this fast pace ever changing society, stress is a common workplace ailment.  The World Health organisation says that 75 - 90% of all health problems are related to stress.  This has detrimental effects for the work force with absentee days, lack of productivity an inability to absorb information and perform not to mention staff moral


Introducing your staff to meditation has fantastic results in the work force.  Apart from reducing stress , a regular meditation practice can:

  • Improve team moral

  • Increases focus and attention

  • Increase productivity

  • Heighten creativity

  • Build resilience

  • Enhance performance & decision making ability 

  • Decrease anxiety​

  • Increase mood and happiness around the office

Tiffany spent over 15 years working in the corporate world at Australia’s largest publishing house across the top magazines in the country.  She knows what it takes to manage a sales team, to report to a publisher, meet and exceed clients expectations, to be creative and innovative, to deliver a budget of over 30 million and try and maintain a healthy wellbeing.


For 20 years Tiffany has been delving into different forms of meditation and stress release grabbing anything that would give her just a moment of clarity. Clearings, acupuncture, Chinese medicine, naturopathy, homeopathy, Chiropractic, Bowen therapy, massage, kinesiology, various yoga and meditation practices, she has tried it all.  Some have given her immediate relief, some were  - well just an experience!  It would be true to say that not all meditations are created equal, and there are many forms of different types of meditation, all have benefits but not all get the same results.  


Tiffany no longer sells advertising but is an advocate for wellbeing, for teaching people to adapt a regular meditation practice to create a more mindful outlook on life.  She teachers people from ages 8 - 78.  Professionals, authors, business owners, mums juggling everything, personalities, artists basically anyone that wants a higher grade of living and to deal with the chaotic world of life but in a calm and efficient way.   She specialises in integrating meditation into your daily life teaching individuals to have their own practice so they can meditate anytime anywhere for maximum results.


Tiffany has worked with organisations in corporate finance, building, realestate and law firms on an individual basis and in larger groups.  When addressing these organisations she always works with the company to ensure she is meeting their needs and introducing their staff to not only meditation but promoting the pillars of wellbeing.  Tiffany wants each individual to be the best person they can be and provide then with the tools to achieve that.


Tiffany is a mother, wife, daughter, sister, friend, confidant and teacher, and will deliver the optimal wellbeing results to ensure productivity and general contentness to your staff in this ever increasing stressful and complicated world. 

Each company has different requirements so please contact Tiffany for more information on coming into your offices and introducing your staff to meditation or teaching them a lifelong tool.  

You're already considering taking your team off site why not enhance your next event by introducing your staff to a tool that enhances the individual.