Retreats offer space and time to rest and rejuvenate our minds and bodies from the every day stress of life.  They allow us to upgrade our lives and conscious states giving us the ability to achieve real stillness and just be. 


The retreats that Tiffany runs are a systematic process derived from the ancient ‘Vedic’ Practice known as 'rounding'.  This is designed to purify the mind and body at the deepest level.  It is an advance technique to your Vedic Meditation and unlocks the deep stresses and tension from within the body allowing for a deeper richer meditation.

It takes your meditation practice to the next level. 


The rounding process consists of a specific sequence of easy yoga poses (asanas), balancing breath work (pranayama) and meditation. Once learnt it can be practiced at home on a daily basis incorporating it into your general health and wellbeing.  

Achieve effortless purification of the mind and body through Rounding and bring yourself more quickly to a greater state of happiness, for a 

calmer, clearer more energetic you


LEARN TO ROUND - 90minutes

Learnt 1:1 virtually or in person. 


The workshop retreat is a guided instruction on the asana sequence the pranayama breath work and incorporates your already Vedic Meditation knowledge.

COST $150

BYRON BAY - 3nights / 4 Days


late August tbc

details to come

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